SwenAsia provides Turnkey Project Management business solutions for middle-market entities whose goal is to initiate or expand their business ventures in Asia. SwenAsia offers a highly professional integrated group of trusted professional advisors to meet your Asian strategy. Our business solutions are tailored to meet your specific requirements throughout Asia. SwenAsia project management services are provided by Swenson Advisors, LLP (a firm of certified public accountants).

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Trusted Business Advisors at Your Service

Swenson Advisors, LLP has invested many years in developing key strategic alliances throughout Asia. These alliances form the foundation of our trusted business advisors task force and include DezanShira, Red Flag Group, Integra International, and over a dozen others. Our qualified business advisors will address your legal, financial, due diligence, and business operational needs in a cost-effective and responsive timeframe. SwenAsia provides insight, strategy, and guidance whether you are looking to manufacture your product in Asia or distribute your product to the growing domestic demand in China

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